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Hi, I’m Mitch, Founder and CEO here at Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning. I’m often asked “Why choose Aviva?” or “What makes your company different?” Quite simply, we make our customers more money and get them more clients than any other sunless company in the world. We’re able to do this because we have shaped the heart and soul of our company around these four principles: Health, Trust, Commitment to Excellence, and a Focus on Customer Success. Since the day I created Aviva Labs (over 18 years ago!), we have adhered to these four principles without compromise. If you’re looking for a company with your interests in mind, you agree with our core values, and you want your business to be as successful as possible, then give us a call: We’d love to chat.

Mitch Bloom


I know it’s hard to figure out which solution to choose, there are literally hundreds of them nowadays. But quantity does not indicate that the market is full of quality. To learn what to look for in a great solution, click here. To find out why our solution is the best solution for you, keep reading.

There’s a reason why millions of clients are sprayed each year with Aviva Labs products and why so many of them have such great things to say about their Aviva spray tan. Our spray tans have unique features that benefit our clients’ businesses.

Aviva Natural Spray Tanning Solutions are:

  • Doctor formulated.

  • Natural-looking and long lasting.

  • Even fading.

  • Oil-free.

  • Fragrance-free.

  • Alcohol-free.

  • Erythrulose-free.

  • Only made with FDA approved Ingredients.

  • PETA-approved.

  • Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA.

  • Water-based.

  • Fast-drying.

  • Vegan.

  • Not tested on Animals.

  • Free of harsh dyes and chemicals.

  • Nut-free.

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Always fresh and come with a 6-month shelf-life guarantee.

  • Always fresh and come with a 6-month shelf-life guarantee.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Formulated with long term health in mind.


  • Happier clients! Clients will get dressed quickly and comfortably—our solution dries in seconds.

  • More profits! You will save money by using less solution per client—our solution is less heavy.

  • Peace of Mind that comes with using the healthiest solution on the market.

  • Greater confidence—you know your clients’ tans will last long and fade brilliantly every time.

  • Feel comfortable you’re less likely to have allergic reactions with our hypoallergenic solution.

  • Smoother skin—your clients’ skin will feel smoother and more supple-our solution has NO alcohol.

  • No worries! You no longer have to worry about your solution going bad. We guarantee a 6 month shelf life.

  • Satisfy every client. Customize tans with our versatile line of solutions for every skin type.

  • No more guessing—what you see if what you get! You can promise your clients their tan will look exactly the same the day after you spray them because of our perfect color guide balance.

  • No wasting time! Spend less time cleaning since our solution is water-based and not sticky.

  • Bragging rights! Boast to your clients that an Aviva spray tan won’t stain their clothes or sheets. 

  • No wasting time! Spend less time cleaning since our solution is water-based and not sticky. 

  • Consistency—we have a ten-year track record of delivering high quality products. 

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